All park homes rest on the metal chassis and its supporting structure. It is the foundation, and the only part of a park home, that cannot be replaced. The chassis condition and supports, therefore, are integral to the security, stability and healthy longevity of the home.

The chassis is not high maintenance but neither should it be neglected! It is subjected to many stresses and strains

When is best to Consider this

Under Floor Surveys. Photographs taken for customers

Chassis rust removal with power tools to . Ensure all rust is removed- and hand coated with a thick rubberised weatherproof chassis paint . Our experienced team make sure they get every square inch of your chassis and take plenty of photos when the job is finished to email or show on screen. All our support Jacks are made of galvanized steel. So we can confidently give you a 20 year guarantee with your new supports please contact us for a free quotation or advice or fill in the quote request below and we will contact you promptly

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